Very little research has been done on skimming, and we know of no previous work comparing skimming from CRTs to skimming from paper. We know that we have structured a program that will serve you well both now and in the future. Whether you are pursuing a master’s degree or PhD, your research-oriented coursework will prepare you for leadership positions in industry, academia, and government in applied research, solution development, entrepreneurial ventures, and management. Let’s begin this comparison of computer technology degree programs with a look at the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology and what it means for students like you. Nineteen were students at the University of Toronto; the remaining five were full time employees. The proposed Computer Technology Program will provide students with the background, knowledge and skills they’ll need to adapt to the dynamic nature of the marketplace. This will give you the same feel that your traditional shower head offers, but save you a substantial amount of water. If you usually do not mind the cord and wiring, a corded mouse will perform for you just good. ​This art᠎ic le has be​en c​re᠎ated ​with G᠎SA Con᠎tent  Gene rator DEMO .

The screen was cleared and a new screenfull was presented each time the mouse was pressed. To get to the next screen page, subjects pressed a mouse; there was no scrolling. Of course, the answer is that there are lots of info which needs to be encoded everyday. The precious metals contained in many computer parts are taken away and recycled for getting copper, gold, palladium, and silver. In the CRT condition, speed was calculated by the computer program. Interline spacing, characters per line, etc, were not equivalent across the two conditions because the purpose of this experiment was to determine whether CRT displays can be improved so that reading speed and comprehension are equivalent to those from standard books. Training two important factors enter into focus. Now, businesses can reach global customers, improve business efficiency, and generate more profits. Improved Communications: Now, businesses are able to communicate much faster. From the ‘writing’ of ICT at a national policy level through to the marginalization of ICT within the lived ‘student experience’, a consistent theme emerges where computer technology use is constructed in limited, linear, and rigid terms far removed from the creative, productive, and empowering uses which are often celebrated by educational technologists. C on tent w​as g᠎ener at​ed  by G SA C᠎on᠎tent G enerator DEMO .

You might use this online lab feature to write programs, build websites and practice computer programming languages. English-taught Master’s Computer Science. CiSE features the latest computational science and engineering research and covers news and analysis, computer science and engineering in education, and emerging technologies. Turing Award, the highest honor in computer science. In the CRT condition, a Macintoshª IIx computer was used with an AppleColorª high-resolution RGB display. In Experiment 1, a higher quality display than in the earlier reading experiments was used to test the hypothesis of no difference in speed or comprehension between CRTs and normal book conditions for either reading or skimming. CRTs and paper using a high resolution, anti-aliased display on which fonts resembled those on paper. Similar findings were reported for reading by Oborne and Holton (1988), though they achieved this result by creating a degraded paper condition that resembled the CRT condition, rather than creating an enhanced CRT condition.

At the end of the experiment, subjects were asked to rate their preference for either the book or the CRT on a seven-point scale. They were then asked to skim the same sheet in one quarter of the time originally taken to read it. In the skimming task, subjects were asked to proceed at a rate three to four times faster than normal “in order to grasp a general sense of the content or to retain only the main points.” These instructions were repeated to subjects before each story. In the book condition, reading and skimming speeds were monitored by the experimenter through the use of a stop watch. Subjects informed the experimenter when they were finished reading. Approximately one minute after a trial began, the experimenter estimated the distance from the reading material to the subjects’ eyes. Half of the subjects read from the book on the first trial and half from the CRT.

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